Thursday, May 20, 2010

A sigh of relief!

Once again, and the second time in two weeks, I am so very proud to be a member of this community. Amidst claims of being fear mongerers, Communists, anti-Americans, and worst of all "liberals", I witnessed countless members of our community stand up and without emotion, without hate, and just stating the facts, make the clearest case ever against urban drilling.

The mineral rights owners were diametrically opposite by spewing hate, emotion and lots of hearsay. The presentation by Titan representative Bobby Dollack was a lesson in how to talk down to a governing group and showing he was discusted to have to be there explaining how great a job he will do instead of being at a Monster Truck rally.

It was so clear that the only need for this facility was wealth and greed hidden behind to guise of wanting to get away from foreign dependence of fossil fuels. Don't they realize that the mood in this country is to get away from the dependence of fossil fuels altogether.

If Mr Hilliard had proposed to erect wind turbines to generate energy or solar panels to harvest a pure clean source of energy, he would have had people lined up to shake his hand and tell him he is truly a fine American with the interests of saving the environment instead of raping it.

I was appalled at the mention of Titan drilling through not one, not two, but three aquifiers enroute to the Barnett motherlode. Knowing that they will have cement encasings of the drills to "protect" those aquafiers. The same cement encasing that Halliburton assured us were poured to protect the Gulf of Mexico. Oh yes one of those water sources is owned by Hilliard. What? A underground water source knows where Hilliards land starts and ends? Totally mindblowing.

A warm thank you to the O and G board for standing up for what is so obviously right even with the death threats that followed their decisions. I was contemplating publishing the rant by Mr Chris Tomlinson on his blog, Shiloh Drilling, but it is so filled with obscenities and hateful threats against anyone that went against his wishes, it even shocked me! I kept a copy of it though, even when he took that post down and replaced it with a milder, but still violence filled and enough veiled threats to cause some serious alarm. Mr Tomlinson, you owe this entire town an apology, and would not be suprised if The F.B.I. hasn't been alerted to his behavior and hopefully he is under surveillance.

Its not over, by any means. This group of "good, christian, Americans" have threatened to bankrupt the town and laugh all the way to the bank. Yes our town is under attack from Oil and Gas companies from Oklahoma with their big money and smarmy tactics of energizing the likes of Tomlinson (who was seated right next to former councilwoman, Jean Levenick and everyones sweetheart, Patsy Mizuer) to reak havoc on our town.

Its good to see the 2010 chapter of this towns ugly past is starting off with a bang.

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